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Treasure considers Sin and Punishment sequel

Candace Savino

If you shelled out the cash to buy Sin and Punishment on your Virtual Console, then you already know how awesome it is. If not, we've deployed some hypnotoads to find you and make you buy the game, so be prepared.

Now that we've sufficiently shoved the game down your throat communicated the brilliance of this game to you, excuse us while we squeal for a few seconds at the mere possibility of a sequel on the Wii. After all, we're only human (and part robot).

The source of our glee, you wonder? When asked about a possible sequel to Sin and Punishment, Treasure president Masato Maegawa told Nintendo Power, "When we were originally working on Sin and Punishment [for Virtual Console], there was some discussion utilizing Wii-like controls, and I think now that we're working more with the Wii, it is something we'd very much like to try."

We have just one message for you, Treasure: NOBODY LIKES A TEASE!

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