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Verizon rolls out "super-fast" 20/20 FiOS internet service


Well, it looks like Verizon might be out to put those rumors of it running out of bandwidth to rest, with it today announcing its new symmetrical 20/20 FiOS service that it says "redefines fast." While we're normally skeptical of such hyperbole, Verizon does look to have a case for itself in this instance, as that 20/20 stands for 20 Mbps download speeds and 20 Mbps upload speeds. As Verizon points out, that should let you upload or download a 3GB file in 20 minutes flat. Unfortunately (for some), only those in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut will be able to take advantage of all that bandwidth for the time being, where it'll run "as low as" $65 a month, although Verizon says it expects to roll out "similar symmetrical services" in the 13 other states where it currently offers FiOS internet service "soon."

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