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Xbox 360 Arcade finally official, released today for $280


It's about time! Microsoft finally announced the Xbox 360 Arcade (the replacement for the Core) will go on sale October 23 -- that's today, folks -- for $280. Even after being found in the wild and unboxed, Microsoft still refused to acknowledge the console's existence until this past Sunday. The console comes with a 256MB Memory Unit, a wireless controller, HDMI port, and a disc that includes five full Xbox Live Arcade games: Boom Boom Rocket, Feeding Frenzy, Luxor 2, Pac-Man Championship, and Uno. Despite the unit having an HDMI port, it only comes with standard-def composite cables (the red, white and yellow one), instead of the high-def component/composite hybrid cables bundled with its big brothers.

Also note, the inclusion of a 'Superman Indian Air' silhouette on the retail box (see the guy on the bike?) is not confirmation that an actual BMX game is forthcoming.

Update: Major Nelson just pinged us to correct the status of the packaged Xbox Live Arcade titles; they are full games, not trials; 2: Europe gets it Oct. 26 for £200 (no € given).

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