Second Xbox 360 Arcade spotted in the wild

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Conrad Quilty-Harper
October 13, 2007 1:49 PM
Second Xbox 360 Arcade spotted in the wild

Although there's still no official word from Microsoft about the Xbox 360 Arcade, we've just received a second picture of a boxed unit sitting on the shelves of a retail store: this time in a Methuen, MA store, only miles away from the unit spotted in Haverhill. New details include a Harry Potter / Lego Star Wars back, along with details on included games -- we can make out Uno, Pac-Man, Luxor 2, and two other indistinguishable logos. The closeness of the two spottings indicates that this early leak is the fault of whoever put a pallet on a truck without marking it with the correct ship date. In that case, don't expect an early announcement from Microsoft.

[Thanks, Emanuel E.]

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