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CCP proposes rebalancing capital ships/carriers - reactions mixed

Tateru Nino

Zulupark, one of the newer game-designers at CCP, has broached a new notion for balancing capital ships in EVE Online. It's a balancing change, so you can immediately expect a few happy people, a few sad ones, a few threatening to cancel their accounts, and some who already have without waiting to see how it will all pan out, if the changes go ahead anyway - the proposed changes did go live on the test server yesterday.

The basic notion is that capital ships that are equipped with drones and/or fighters have their control of those limited to align them more with a support role than the turn-your-ship-into-a-charred- hole-in-the-void-in-two-seconds role.

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Zulupark's balancing design calls for carriers and fighters to have no more than five regular drones out at any time, and have no more than five fighters directly controllable, which will require handing groups of five off to your fleet-buds before you can get another five out there. With there being a very long and intensive time-investment in being able to even pilot one of these ships, the reactions are naturally quite strong.

Zulupark's introductory dev blog has spawned a 108 page forum thread, well - he may have been partly prepared, but was he really prepared? Just navigating the thread is quite the trial by fire, and requires a fireproof hazard suit.

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