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Cooking with Kaliris

Amanda Miller

Okay, so maybe we aren't quite serving up [Kaliri Stew] just yet, but new information regarding the upcoming daily cooking quests, set to arrive via patch 2.3, has surfaced on Kaliope's WoW Crafting Blog. It seems as though we will finally be getting some dailies that aren't repetitive, sending us all over Outland to complete different objectives, for varying rewards, every day.

The questgiver, "Rokk" (can't wait to smell what Rokk has cooking - sorry, I had to) sent Kaliope first to Netherstorm to gather berries. The 'fruits' of this labour? Some junk items, some meat for cooking, and a new recipe.

The second day was where it got extremely interesting; armed with the task of acquiring a kaliri wing, Kaliope heads to Skettis, only to find the population of Skettis kaliri birds seriously diminished. Now if that isn't cause for some Rumsey Rum and a /dance party, I don't know what is! In fact, I vote that every daily quest involve slaying kaliri, until we're all whining that alliance/horde are stealing our kills - okay, that might be a little far, but I can dream, can't I?

It is unclear whether or not there will only be three or so unique quests that cycle, or whether Blizz will add to this each day, or even periodically. Regardless, having a daily with a bit of variety, not only in settings and objectives, but also in rewards, will be a refreshing change in our dailies routines. With the discussions floating around about dailies as a mixed blessing - something we are often feeling as a burden, yet can't stop doing - this is definitely going to shake things up a bit.

While the system obviously hasn't been perfected yet, this is hopefully, it is a sign of even more positive changes to come.

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