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The Simpsons pushing envelope on DS audio, FMV


We're not yet sure where we stand on the DS version of The Simpsons. On the one hand, it's The Simpsons, and thus automatically has the potential to be pretty great. We also applaud the idea of parodying other games; even if other companies want to stomp their feet about being cutely mocked, that send-up of Nintendogs is just too irresistible. On the other hand, the gameplay itself, the meat of the package, looks just a little ... vanilla.

One thing it probably won't lack, according to producer Eric Dallaire, is top-drawer production values, particularly as it's EA throwing big bucks at this release. Chatting to IGN about the title, Dallaire spoke of "pushing the limits" of the platform, and discussed how the game will boast "the most audio lines and total FMV on a DS cartridge to date." How much, precisely? "We've crammed one-fifth of the audio lines from the console versions [and] the equivalent of a TV episode's worth of FMV onto the cartridge."

All of which will mean diddly-squat if they don't nail the gameplay, but it's always good to see boundaries being pushed, right?

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