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Flying Lab unfurls second round of flag-making contest

Chris Chester

In the seventeenth century, it was a fairly well known fact that pirates just weren't very creative folk. Swashbucklers? Sure. Dastardly dogs? Absolutely. Drunken, whoring scallywags? Even on their worst days. But they couldn't put a brush to a canvas if their very lives depended on it. Consequently, Flying Lab Studios has put out a bounty on creative pirate-lovers, offering fame and fortune in exchange for flag-designs to adorn the NPC pirate ships in Pirates of the Burning Sea.

In a related forum thread, they've given the backgrounds on a number of gangs to offer inspiration to erstwhile flag-makers, as well as offering tips and submission guidelines for those new to the art. We weren't able to track down what specific kind of loot they're giving winners, but the prospect of having user content included in a retail game is almost exciting enough on its own.

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