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See Manhunt 2's neutered kills

Justin McElroy

Dear Diary:

Hey, it's Jack T. again. What's up? Pretty good day today, got to yell about violence on, well let's just say it's one of the top seven most respected news outlets. Then I had a KFC Famous Bowl. So yeah, a pretty great one all around. But then I saw the videos of these Manhunt 2 kills and frankly: I'm concerned. No, no, not about America's youth, don't be silly. I'm worrying what I'm going to get all worked up about.

I mean, there's a guy with a crowbar following another dude and then the screen gets all discolored and flashes. Maybe I could get upset on behalf of epileptic kids, but regular kids? I just don't know. You just can't see much at all, it's barely even sexy. ... I mean violent! Yeah! Violent.

Love, Jack

P.S. Thanks, Sidepocket.

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