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Announcing WoW Insider's Hallow's End Costume Contest!

Mike Schramm

Psylah sent us this great pic of her in her "Big Bad Wolf" costume (complete with little pig) and suggested that for Hallow's End this year, we do an ingame costume contest. We couldn't agree more, and so we're proud to introduce the WoW Insider Hallow's End costume contest. Just cook up a great ingame costume (could be something from real-life, your take on a Warcraft NPC, or anything you can think of) before this Friday, November 2nd, and send a .jpg screenshot of it to us at (with your full name, age, email address, and street address) Then, the WoW Insider staff will judge the entries based on 1/3 Originality, 1/3 Creativity, and 1/3 Costume Accuracy, and we'll declare a winner after that.

And what might you win for creating the best in-game costume? Glad you asked! WoW Insider has teamed up with the crafty (literally-- she makes crafts) Manaprincess to bring you a trick-or-treat bag featuring some of her favorite handmade crafts. The winner will get:
  • Horde ribbon
  • Alliance ribbon
  • 2 hearthstone key chains
  • 2 hearthstone cell phone charms
  • Glowing hearthstone car light
And because it's Hallow's End, we'll even throw in a Jinx Warcraft t-shirt, and a 60 day game card! Tastier than candy, and more useful, too!

Here's the fine print: all entries must be in by 3pm on November 2nd, 2007, and all entrants must be US residents 18 years of age or older (sorry EU folks, but we've got to mail the package to you). Just send your entry (a jpg screenshot of an ingame costume you've put together) to, along with your full name, age, email address, and street address. Have fun putting your costume together, and good luck!

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