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BluePhoneElite 2 leaves beta

Nik Fletcher

For a long while I've been a fan of BluePhoneElite - a nifty piece of software that allows call (and SMS) management via your Mac if you own a phone that the software supported. For well over a year now, the next version of BPE has been in testing and finally now available for public consumption. So, what's new? Features include:

  • You can use your Mac as a a Bluetooth hands-free device,
  • Phone to computer call-log syncing,
  • Symbian and Windows Mobile support
Before we go any further, be aware that the feature set of BPE is dependent on a supported handset and so your mileage may vary depending on the phone you own (sadly, the iPhone doesn't support most of BluePhoneElite's features). That said, I love the ability to send SMSes from the comfort of my MacBook Pro (and Aluminum Keyboard) and coupled with things such as Talk-thru (Bluetooth hands free) this is looking to be a pretty sweet update.

BluePhoneElite 2 is a free upgrade to previously registered customers, whilst a new licence costs $24.95. If you're unsure your phone is supported, or simply want to give the software a whirl, a 14-day demo is available from the Mira Software site.

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