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Confirmed: Jailbreak/AppSnapp fixes TIFF Exploit hole in iPhone Safari


For everyone worried about malicious TIFF exploits, you might want to take a few seconds and re-read those jailbreak features listed on the AppSnapp page. See number 6? Not only does the team jailbreak your phone, add and fix YouTube, but they also repair patch Safari's TIFF exploit hole. Yes, you read that right. These amazing hackers have done Apple a huge favor and fixed the very same exploit they used to jailbreak.

For those of you asking about unactivated phones, if you use the Safari access trick I posted about a few weeks ago, you will even activate your iPhone and bypass the whole "connect to iTunes" screen.

Is it possible to love these guys any more?

Thanks to Nicholas "Drudge" Penree.

Update: If you have already jailbroken your iPhone or iPod touch and want to patch Safari, head over to and look under 1.1.1 Tweaks.

Update 2: Just a reminder that the jailbreak is due in large part to the efforts of "rezn"

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