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Guitar Hero III gets offline mode with patch on 360

Justin McElroy

Those who fired up their new copies of Guitar Hero III yesterday might have been disheartened to find that the game lacked the offline co-op quickplay mode. Luckily (for a portion of you, at least) that's going to be addressed with a quickness, thanks to a patch that 1UP says is coming this Tuesday to Xbox Live.

The bad news is that there's no word of similar treatment on the Wii or PS3 versions so far, but hopefully it's not too far off. We're not sure what's so difficult about offline co-op quickplay that it had to be addressed with a patch, but we're happy that Activision seems concerned enough about it to act on it so quickly. Of course, that's not much comfort to those without internet or (we're looking at you new Arcade owners) a hard drive to save the patch on.

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