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Gran Turismo creators make actual car interior


Did you know that Polyphony Digital, makers of the world-renowned Gran Turismo series, actually works on real cars? In fact, they're responsible for the multiple function display of the upcoming Nissan GT-R. These displays are typical of modern airplanes, but is being utilized in Nissan's posh car.

CNET goes through the details: "there are 11 user-definable display panels, its components (gauges and meters in both analog and digital display mode) being arrangeable according to the user's needs and taste." This technological piece of overkill could only come from Polyphony, with their thorough knowledge of both technology and cars.

This isn't the first time Polyphony has worked closely with car manufacturers. It also produces simulation movies for car manufacturers, most likely using the same technology used in the Gran Turismo series.

[Thanks, w.c.!]

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