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Lucky shopper gets Rock Band early, shops it on eBay

Kyle Orland

Update 2: As many commenters have figured out, and the seller has now confirmed, the box that was sold includes a demo version of the game that has a limited song list. The demo unit has been relisted with the corrected information.

Seems the auctioneer has since halted bidding on the item. We're trying to find out what's going on.

It seems that not every Best Buy manager knows exactly what to do with those demo units that are beginning to seep into the stores. A shopper at a Marina, CA Best Buy was shocked to see a boxed copy of the Xbox 360 edition of the game sitting among the Guitar Hero III boxes. He was even more surprised when the game rang up for $180 at the register. He's put the spoils of his trip on eBay (relisted here) complete with multiple confirmation pictures that include the receipt and the seller's eBay username (plus one, above, with his cat).

We're not sure this eBay auction will stay up, what with street dates and eBay's sometimes liberal cancellation policy being what they are. Still, if you have some extra cash lying around and just can't wait until Nov. 20 to start rocking, it's worth a try.

[Thanks Thomas]

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