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SiliconDrive USB Blade gets tiny for embedded storage applications

Darren Murph

Cramming 2GB of storage space into a device no larger than a standard postage stamp isn't exactly unheard of, but SiliconSystems has done just that with its new SiliconDrive USB Blade. Hailed as the "industry's first ultra-small solid state drive for embedded storage applications," this wee device feels most at home when shoved into incredibly tight quarters on any flavor of PCB. Additionally, the USB 2.0-compliant device is designed to handle shock, vibrations and extreme temperatures, and it features read / write rates of 10MB/sec. The firm plans on releasing these in 512MB and 1GB flavors as well, and while we've no idea when to expect 'em on store shelves, evaluation units and host developer tool kits should be available in December.

[Via SlashGear]

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