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Famitsu reviews Assassin's Creed: 37/40


As if we needed further proof that November will assassinate your wallet, Famitsu has heaped glowing praise atop Assassin's Creed. According to a forum post on the Ubisoft forums, Famitsu has given the title a very respectable 37/40, with the individual reviews standing at 10, 8, 9, and 10. Incidentally, Famitsu handed the same overall score to Halo 3. There are some tiny scans of the reviews on the forums, but our Kanji is a little rusty. Thankfully, someone went to the trouble of summing things up. Apparently, the Famitsu reviewers were impressed by the story, presentation, and addicting acrobatics, noting that Assassin's Creed is a true next-gen title. Some knocks against it are the one button combat, confusing map, and occasional camera problems. All in all, it sounds pretty solid. Good news for gamers, bad news for bank accounts.

[Via Evil Avatar]

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