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Japanese hardware sales, Oct. 22 - Oct. 28: Meager eager edition


Another week, another scintillating edition of the Japanese hardware sales chart! Being so eager to see it, you kick off the duvet and leap out of bed as soon as consciousness returns and you realize glorious numbers await you on the internet. Of course, you tend to waste several minutes extricating your airborne sheets from the oddly low ceiling fan, but the spirited exercise and deep slashes across your forearms are well worth it.

Or are they?

Much like a tack carefully obscured within a bowl of popcorn, that small dash of doubt might just shock you into seeing how desperate you are to grasp and consume something with no nutritious value. Are these numbers from a foreign land helping you grow as a person? Are the aesthetically pleasing arrows strong enough to direct your level of happiness? Are they worth enduring terrible metaphors, incessant blathering and consequent fanboy screeching? Only you have the answers...

- DS Lite: 76,243 5,635 (7.98%)
- PSP: 59,792 1,123 (1.91%)
- Wii: 27,502 2,570 (10.31%)
- PS3: 18,785 1,655 (9.66%)
- PS2: 11,698 1,417 (13.78%)
- Xbox 360: 3,718 707 (23.48%)
- Game Boy Micro: 64 54 (45.76%)
- Gamecube: 58 10 (20.83%)
- GBA SP: 41 89 (68.46%)
- DS Phat: 30
- GBA: ???

[Source: Media Create]

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... but if you made it this far, it was probably "yes" for all of them.

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