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Massively's massive giveaways day 2: World of Warcraft

Barb Dybwad

If you joined us on day 1, you'll know that we armed you with enough Tabula Rasa loot to bury all the Bane you're killing. You'll also know we have nefarious plans to give a ton more stuff away, so let's get to it!

Today's giveaways are World of Warcraft-related, so WoW players, get your trigger fingers on your keyboards and get ready to leave some comments to win some cool stuff. Our first giveaway gives you a chance to win one of our perennial favorites, a 60-day game time card. Short of being a US resident 18 years or older (be sure to check out the official legalese), all you have to do to roll on this phat lewt is leave a simple comment in this thread by 9am EST tomorrow, Sunday November 4. No fuss, no muss, easy as pie. Mmmmmm, pie...

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