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PTR Mystery: No more first aid quest?

John Himes

Wowhead updated its database earlier today. While most of the new items were to be expected, (such as the new leatherworking bags, the new ammo and the quest items for the new daily heroic quests,) there was one that came as a surprise. Apparently, a new first aid book has been discovered in patch 2.3: Artisan First Aid - Heal Thyself.

The appearance of this item creates a lot of questions. Does this mean that characters will no longer have to do a quest to earn artisan level first aid? Or will this book merely be a reward for the current quests? Will this book be sold, and if so, where?

It is likely that this book merely exists in the game files, but is not actually available to players (like many other items on Wowhead). Nonetheless, I logged onto the PTR this afternoon and took a look around. I checked out the Alliance first aid quest giver, Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen, but he didn't have anything new. I also checked out the inventory of Burko at the Temple of Telhamat, who sells the Master First Aid book to Alliance players. Once again, he didn't have anything new. My character is level 70, Alliance, and has 375 first aid, so all of those factors could have effected my investigation. For now, this will have to remain an unsolved mystery.

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