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24 hours of Tabula Rasa: Hour 20

And we're back! Got a fresh pot of coffee going, and I'm all settled in to see you all through to morning with massive amounts of giveaways and swaggy goodness. (is "swaggy" a word? Ah well. Is now!) While flipping through some of the screens I have for Tabula Rasa, as well as screens we got during the beta, I couldn't help but stop on this one. Why? Because there's nothing more fun late at night than a good spooky ghost story. Of course, you're not here to hear those, so I'll give you a good spooky ghost screenshot instead!

For this hour's swagstravaganza, we're giving away a hat and a poster, both with much love from Massively and NCsoft to you. So, if you're in the US and still awake enough to coherently type in a comment below, get to commenting! For those of you who need something to put you to sleep because you've gotta be up for work in a couple of hours, may I recommend the official rules? (Remember, you have until 4:00 AM Eastern to leave a comment!)

Or hey, you could tell me a good ghost story!

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