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Customizable button layouts? Thrustmaster says "yes!"

Nick Doerr

Nope, Sony isn't releasing the prototype boomerang controller they initially showed off with the PS3. However, a company called Thrustmaster, who we can aptly imply are masters of the thrust, have taken it upon themselves to deliver a controller that is suited to all of our gaming needs. This controller doesn't have any sixaxis controls ... it has sevenaxis controls! How wild, though we don't know if that actually means it has motion controls or not. Here's what else is has to offer:

  • 2.4 GHz wireless
  • An "Optical Wheel" with precise controls and self-centering options
  • "Dual Triggers" which is pretty moot, since you kinda need those for PS2/PS3 games.
  • It's got the "Home" button for the PS3, which is handy. It can also be used on the PC or PS2.
  • Fully programmable buttons! If you always thought a game's control scheme would have worked better using the circle instead of the square, you now have the power to mess around with that. A very cool option, if we say so ourselves.
  • With internal memory, the controller can switch between configurations in a flash.
The controller also features vibration motors, but since we're still not sure if this functionality will get recognized in PS3 games. There's not really a reason why it wouldn't, but stranger things have happened. We can't say if it's worth it, since the site makes you jump through hoops to find a price. So, consider it in your future third-party controller purchases, but don't make it a priority over that delicious DualShock 3.

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