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'Dark Mist' enshrouds Japanese PSN this week


A potentially pleasant surprise awaits Japanese PlayStation 3 owners this week, with a new PSN game entitled "Dark Mist" due to arrive November 8th. Developed by Game Republic -- the folks who provided us with Folklore, Genji and multiple memes involving historically accurate crabs -- Dark Mist appears to be a top-down shooter with a colorful and somewhat whimsical flair. According to IGN's translation of the game's Japanese website, players assume the role of "the warrior of light, Altemis" and must "stop the revival of the demon king" who was no doubt sealed away thousands of years before by less competent heroes.

It's the price future generations always have to pay and, in this case, it amounts to 800 Yen (roughly $7). As for the chances of a US release, Sony currently has "no announcements on this title coming to the US."

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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