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Mobile developer talks Google Android gaming possibilities

Kyle Orland

Here at Joystiq, when we hear about cool technology like Bluetooth or the iPhone, our minds jump to one thing -- how can this make gaming better? So you can imagine our thought process when Google announced its Android mobile operating system yesterday. Problem is, we don't know enough about cell phone game development to say for sure what, if anything, Android will do for cell phone gaming.

Luckily, Jon over at the Zen and Games has "done [his] share of time in the cell phone game development trenches," as he puts it, and is excited by the possibilities of Google's standardized OS. Among them:

  • Google's OS will hopefully provide a stable, standard platform that isn't as buggy as the current Java Virtual Machine (like what Nokia's trying to do, but better because it's Google)
  • Android might force cell phone makers to create phones with hardware specs. that match their stylish case designs (instead of today's crop of flashy-looking phones that can barely handle text messaging)
  • The open software development kit means anyone can develop games for Android (possibly leading to a resurgence in indie mobile gaming)
While we're generally skeptical about mobile gaming, the Google name is enough to give us hope for something better than The O.C. Mobile.

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