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Preparing for 2.3: Post-patch item farming, part 1

John Himes

Nearly every patch includes new items for players to farm up. While these additions are typically new tradeskill recipes, occasionally other goodies are thrown into the mix. The upcoming patch 2.3 contains both of these types of items for your farming pleasure (or annoyance). I'll quickly cover the items, where they're dropping and the creatures that drop them in order to create a consolidated resource to help plan your farming once the patch hits the live realms.

First off is the new leatherworking bag. The pattern for the Bag of Many Hides can be found through the mass slaughter of the Gordunni ogres in the Barrier Hills above Aldor Rise in Shattrath. This recipe will allow a leatherworker to create a 24 slot bag to hold the essential tools and materials of their trade.

Next up, a new jewelcrafting meta gem design will be available. The recipe for the Chaotic Skyfire Diamond is being held by the Coilskar Sirens in Shadowmoon Valley. Undoubtedly, this new gem will be very popular with PvE DPS casters who have been awaiting its arrival for awhile now, ever since spell criticals were excluded from the damage boost of the Relentless Earthstorm Diamond. While these things are difficult to predict, I'd expect this to be one of the most heavily farmed areas after the patch is released.

Thirdly, a new repair bot schematic will be found in Blade's Edge Mountains. The Field Repair Bot 110G has 5 charges, making it a better investment of materials than the old bots. In addition to repairing damaged weapons and armor, this model also sells reagents and ammunition. Kill a few extra Gan'arg Analyzers while doing your Ogri'la daily quests for a chance at this item.

Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the list.

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