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Scott Adams gets kicked repeatedly in the groin


Scott Adams of Dilbert fame held an in-world book signing event for Second Life residents on October 30, to promote his new non-Dilbert book Stick To Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain! From all accounts of those who attended, it was a huge success, though I hadn't realized exactly what went on there until this video popped up.

In a move I'm sure helped ingratiate himself to the audience, Adams let a line of residents approach his avatar to dole out various types of injury -- from the looks of it, foot-mashing, face-slapping, and the overwhelming favorite, groin-kicking, at which Adams's avatar falls down, curling into fetal position amusingly. About halfway through the video, Adams gets the beatdown by Dilbert himself; how meta can you get? Also, while you're watching, keep an eye out for our own Aimee Weber, watching on in the background, butterfly wings a-flutter!

Wow, who knew that the secret to success was letting oneself be abused by one's fans? I'll have to rethink my entire strategy!

(Via; thanks, SquidooMegan!)

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