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WoW Insider Show Episode 10: Money, Zul'Aman, and Illidan down

Mike Schramm

Episode number 10 of the WoW Insider Show has it the virtual airwaves, and you can now listen to it over on WoW Radio's website, or on your very own copy of iTunes. Mike Schramm (me), Elizabeth Harper, Ryan Carter, and of course the inimitable Turpster were all on the mic for this week's show, and we discussed a sampling of the most popular posts from the last week of WoW Insider.
Oh, and our new site Massively got a nice mention as well-- unfortunately, the Murloc suit contest ended yesterday, but the site is still up and pouring out all kinds of great MMO news. If WoW isn't the only MMO you play (or even if it is, and you're interested about hearing what other MMOs have to offer), make a stop over there, and leave a comment or two, won't you?

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