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XPS One to hit on November 19th

Nilay Patel

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Considering we've already seen Dell's XPS One from every possible angle -- including flayed open -- you'd think that the marketing folks at Dell would have just given up by now, but the company's just updated that XPS One preview site with a super-dramatic teaser video featuring the new tagline "Welcome Beautiful." More importantly, the video also features a launch date: November 19th. Of course, by then we'll have probably already purchased, hacked, upgraded and sold a half dozen of these things, but we promise to still pretend to be surprised.

Update: Now that a couple commenters have mentioned it, the video's backing track does sound awfully familiar -- anyone know which exact GarageBand loop it is?

Update 2: It's "Contemplative Synth 01." At least Dell bought a Jam Pack, eh?

[Thanks, James]

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