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Sidekick Slide now available, $199 to put it in your pocket

Chris Ziegler

Before, life was simple: there was the Sidekick LX, unquestionably the most desirable Sidekick on the market -- an easy decision for folks looking to get into the whole Danger craze or upgrade that janky, old Sidekick 3. Suddenly, though, things have taken a complicated turn now that the Sidekick Slide is available, too. The Motorola-sourced Slide has now hit T-Mobile's website and store locations for $199 alongside the recently launched LX from Sharp, and while the $299 LX still takes the spec crown (thanks largely to a much larger, crisper widescreen display), the Slide's more compact -- and after having played with both, we're kinda down with the Slide's looks and its blasphemous slide mechanism, too. A tough decision, we know, so why don't you head down to your local joint and play with 'em both for yourself?

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