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Homemade No More Heroes beam katana contradicts the game's title


Is it a good idea to make a costume and custom-built beam katana prop based on an unreleased game that may not turn out to be any good? Not at all! Is it an awesome idea? HOLY CRAP YES.

This No More Heroes Travis Touchdown costume from .ed is the antidote to yesterday's WarioWare cosplay. The jacket and shirt and drawn-on sideburns are great, but the real draw is the homemade beam katana accessory, which, using science, lights up with a blue glow. It looks just like the Blood Berry beam katana that we've only seen in tiny pictures!

The costume is so good that it even got the attention of a Grasshopper Manufacture employee named Naoko, who emailed him and said " I've just checked your pictures. It looks great. I really like it. I hope people recognized what you made for."

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