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Massively's Massive Giveaways: Guild Wars part 5

Ah, fantasy lands! Where you can meet the strangest creatures, whomp on them, and make off with their belongings for fun and profit. Nothing is quite like stepping into a new world for the first time. This hour we're featuring a Guild Wars key that will give you access to all the games thus far, enabling you to visit all the strange and wonderful parts of the Guild Wars world. While it will mean a download for our lucky winner, those seeking challenge and adventure in strange new places will certainly not be defeated by such a minor thing as that.

Yes, the official rules are still in effect, meaning that you have to be 18+, a resident of the U.S. and not a fuzzy wolf guy just waiting to pounce and eat our face like the one pictured above. Of course, there's a small catch -- we want to know what mob you took up revenge killing on because they ate your face one too many times. (any MMO will do) That's it! Easy, no?

Tell us your most hated face-munching mob in the comments before 6:00 PM Eastern tomorrow (11/10), and you may be the lucky winner who walks away with the key.

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