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Uncharted demo now works worldwide

Jem Alexander

It looks like Europeans (and Japanese PS3 owners) won't have to wait until November 22nd after all. A new post on the PlayStation.Blog by Naughty Dog's Christophe Balestra states that the Uncharted demo was never intended to be region locked. After discovering that it was, Balestra did his best to get it fixed for his fellow Europeans as quickly as possilble. The version available right now on the American PSN Store will now work on any PS3 in the world.

Frankly, we're delighted to see this issue fixed so quickly, even though there was no obligation for Naughty Dog to have the demo work on any PS3 - what with the EULA essentially restricting "false" accounts. Regardless, we're always happy to post good news and will be sending a huge "Thank you!" to Naughty Dog on belhalf of all of our non-American readers. So what are you waiting for? Go download the Uncharted demo!

[Thanks, elephant_stone & Kiddie!]

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