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"Feast of Winter Veil" collector's set available now

Amanda Miller

The holiday-themed collector's edition TCG set that we've been anticipating since our August meeting with some folks from Upper Deck is now available for purchase, and will be shipped as early as November 14th.

Modeled after the in-game holiday of Winter's Veil, each set will include the following exclusive content:

  • Ten cards, usable in any deck, all featuring new content.
  • Two pet mini-cards for further customization.
  • A holiday deck box featuring Feast of Winter Veil artwork.
  • Three booster packs! One Heroes of Azeroth, one Dark Portal, and one Fires of Outland pack.
Although there are no online loot cards to be had, this collector's set will still make an excellent Christmas gift, even if you're buying it for yourself! If you're still not convinced, head on over and check out a preview of some of the cards, as well as the original artwork.

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