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Alone in the Dark confirmed for Wii, PS2

Jason Dobson

What with its lingering financial worries and loss of licenses, Atari is a lot like a three-legged dog seen limping pitifully to the side of the road. We want to help, we do, but we've already got a perfectly good dog at home with all four legs intact. With so much hardship, it's evident that much of Atari's livelihood seems pinned on the success of the upcoming franchise reboot of Alone in the Dark, so it's unsurprising that the company has opted to release the survival horror title for the Wii (shown) and PlayStation 2 in addition to the previously announced versions in development for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

The long-delayed game, which marks the fifth title in the Alone in the Dark franchise, was first announced in 2005, and features a script penned by Sleepers author Lorenzo Carcaterra. Interestingly, however, while the earlier announced versions of the game are being developed by Test Drive Unlimited devs Eden, the Wii and PS2 duties have been handed off to French developer Hydravision, which has some survival horror chops themselves having developed the Obscure series of games. It's still anyone's guess when Alone in the Dark in any form will make it to retail, though considering that there hasn't been a decent title in the series since Edward Carnby's 1992 debut, we think we can wait.

[Via press release]

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