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Breakfast Topic: Using server downtime productively

Amanda Miller

It's patch day, and considering the changes that are being implemented, it's practically Christmas morning. Except, many of you are stuck at work and no one can open their presents. Here are a few tips to help pass the time.
  1. Read up on Zul'Aman, from the lore to the loot.
  2. Make a plan to update your addons. My first stop will be Curse's Patch Portal, which will list the addons that have updates. You may also want to consider automating the process if you find it too time-consuming or stressful. Try downloading the Curse Client and/or WoWAceUpdater.
  3. Check out Eric's guide to updating addons, viable even when your usual methods are not working, often due to the fact that everyone is also updating. Also see Elizabeth's guide.
  4. Head over to Massively and peruse some of the WoW-related content.
  5. Browse through past editions of AddOn Spotlight, the Creamy GUI Center, and Reader UI of the Week, or poke around websites like WoWAce and Curse to maybe inspire you to try something new.
  6. Play around with Wowhead's updated talent calculator and get your new build all planned out.
How will you be spending today's server downtime? Will you be making lists, researching, and daydreaming, or will you be playing it cool?

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