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Fanpoll: will you use the Xbox Originals service?


So, now that Microsoft has official revealed that they will begin offering downloads of original Xbox games through Xbox Live Marketplace, we're curious to see what our community thinks about it. Is the "Xbox Originals" service something your interested in using? We've already been reading some opinions on the matter in our comments, but we crave easily categorized statistical data. As such, we've composed a new Fanpoll. The subject? You guessed it: Xbox Originals. Find the poll after the break.

Will you use the Xbox Originals service?
Only if the games are enhanced (HD, Live, Achievements, etc.)
Lower the price and we'll talk

We've included a pair of extra choices aside from the garden variety yes and no. These were based off of some of the comments we've seen. Whatever answer you choose, please explain your vote in the comments. We'll discuss the results next week (at which point all of our questions might be answered anyway).

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