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Geometry Wars: Galaxies slips ... everywhere


Slowly but surely, the threat of European wallets being completely stripped clean before the start of December is diminishing. In fact, we might even have cash remaining (though hey, let's not get ahead of ourselves).

Only a few days ago, we received the unhappy news that Zack & Wiki will miss the holidays in Europe, and Kuju's purdy Geometry Wars: Galaxies has now joined it. The shape-based shmup (try saying that quickly), once the cause of many a bleary-eyed, late-night session on the Xbox Live Arcade for this writer, will instead arrive on January 18th.

Meanwhile, the US will also be waiting a little longer for the game, but the delay is far less severe -- just one week, according to GameStop, which means the title will now launch on November 20th. The DS version, it's worth noting, is still due on the 27th.

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