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Micro Center offers convoluted process for two free games

Eric Caoili

If you're in the market for a new DS Lite and happen to have one of Micro Center's 21 US locations nearby, this might be the deal for you! Starting yesterday and lasting until this Christmas, the computer retailer will hand out two coupons, each one redeemable for a free DS game, used or new, to anyone who picks up a Nintendo DS Lite in-store.

Cashing in those coupons is where this bargain starts to get complicated, however. One of them can only be exchanged during the month of December, whereas the other is only valid during January. Also, the game is only free if its value is $29.99 or less. Any more than that, and the coupons will just subtract $29.99 from its list price. This sounds way more elaborate than it needs to be, but knowing the ridiculous lengths that gamers often go to for free stuff, we're sure that some of you will still take advantage of the sale.

[Via CAG]

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