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Metareview: Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)


Poor Kane & Lynch. We were thinking they'd do better (and be better) than this, especially considering Eidos dropped them at Ground Zero in the holiday game release insanity. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is apparently a game driven by story but stifled by gameplay. Guess we'll wait and see what type of review Variety gives it since they seem to prefer one over the other. As for the video game press, they give Kane & Lynch a thumbs "meh." From the reviews it sounds like the title would have been perfect for a delay to work out the kinks -- and really, that wouldn't have been a bad thing given the amount of games coming out just this week.
  • 1UP (75/100): "So there are problems that prevent Kane & Lynch from fully realizing its potential, but its concept and execution are strong enough to survive them. We rarely see scenarios and story structure this good in a game, and that makes it easier to forgive some of the more hardcore technical game-design issues. It's definitely more of a popcorn game for the action-movie crowd than a hardcore shooter, but there's nothing wrong with that."
  • IGN (70/100): "As well constructed as the plot is, one would assume the game would play smoothly. Unfortunately, it does not. Instead, it plays like a game that lacks focus and needs a few more months of polish. But then, most of the gameplay feels like it was pulled directly out of a game from the last generation, so perhaps more time wouldn't have done any good."
  • GameSpot (60/100): "Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a premise with promise, but the gameplay isn't sound while the story and characters go nowhere. And it's got enough random AI-based glitches to make you want to scream. Considering the nearly ridiculous number of extremely high-quality shooters available recently, there's not much room for something like Kane & Lynch. But the multiplayer is a really great idea that's worth seeing, even if playing it makes you wish that it was used in another, better game."

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