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New Simple games: Tanks get customized, zombies get shot


D3 has revealed a couple new entries in their budget-priced Simple DS series, and they look awesome. Simple DS Vol. 31 THE Super Bullet!! Custom Tank is a side-scrolling run-and-gun that looks like a Metal Slug game, except starring a tank. It also happens to be quite a bit nicer-looking than SNK Playmore's own Metal Slug 7.

Vol. 32 THE Zombie Panic
is a zombie-themed rail shooter like Touch the Dead. And, inexplicably, it's developed by Dream Factory, the company responsible for Ehrgeiz and Tobal No. 1. It also looks surprisingly high-quality! Please, D3 of America, put some of that Naruto money into localizing some Simple series games! We'll give small amounts of money back to you in exchange!

Both games are due on January 31 in Japan. Check after the break for the magazine scan in which these games were revealed.

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