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Undocumented Patch 2.3 changes and bugs


We've seen the live patch notes, pleasant patch surprises and the changes between PTR and live in 2.3. Now, the good citizens of Azeroth present the undocumented Patch 2.3 changes on WoWWiki and World of Raids. All the little changes are listed on the pages, so we've chosen to highlight the biggest undocumented changes. These may not apply to everyone, but have been noticed by people in the community.


  • Boats and zeppelins which carry players now have NPC crews, including vendors.
  • There is a new neutral flight path outside of Zul'Aman, which means you can now fly out from Silvermoon City.
  • Whoever in a group has loot rights to a corpse will appear on the minimap (LOOT THE DOG!)
  • There is now a log in the guild information tab that allows you to see promotions, kicks, joins and leaves.
  • Mousing over the mail icon will show you the name of the mail sender.
  • Track Humanoids distinguishes between friendly and hostile targets.


  • Interactive items such as herbs now have a glow around them, making them easier to find.
  • Primal Fire and Earth, and motes thereof, can be put in mining bags. Primal Water, Life, and Mana can be put in enchanting bags. Primal Life can be put in herbalism bags. All primals and motes can go in Engineering bags.
  • The cooldown on Nexus Transformation has been eliminated.

Raids and Dungeons

  • Karazhan has 14 new soundtracks.
  • The chests in Heroic Ramparts and Mechanar are bugged -- if all the items are looted except for the Badges of Justice, the chest despawns and no one can get their badges.
  • Shade of Akama appears to be extremely bugged after a wipe -- his adds no longer cast the channeling spell to hold him still, and he can be killed in 20-30 seconds.
  • All loot in low-level instances has been increased to blue quality.


  • Arena ratings will now be determined by the player's record, instead of the team's.
  • New battleground rewards include boots, belts and bracers.
  • Season 1 arena rewards can be purchased for honor. This does not appear to be accurate.


  • Druids can decurse in tree form. (May not be accurate for all players.)


  • Hunter deadzone has been removed (well, we all knew that.)
  • Freezing trap cannot be applied to two or more targets at the same time.
  • Arcane Shot sometimes removes priest Shadowform (bug.)


  • Ice Block can no longer freeze players in the air.


  • Fanaticism cannot reduce threat while Righteous Fury is active, if for some reason you had them both up.


  • Prayer of Mending will not proc on periodic damage that is absorbed.
  • Arcane Shot sometimes removes Shadowform (bug.)


  • The horrible free Tier 6 mistake
  • The coefficients for Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning have been changed so as not to nerf elemental shaman DPS.


  • Several abilities appear to be bugged.

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