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Wolfking's latest gets a suitable name: Warrior Xxtreme

Darren Murph

Merely days after we caught Wolfking's astonishingly bizarre gaming keyboard lurking in the FCC's database, it seems that the firm is giving the pup a proper (and we mean proper) name. Just as Elmo would attest, things just seem a little more hardcore with any variant of "extreme" in the title, and the Warrior Xxtreme goes the xxtra mile by doubling up on the x's and kicking the e to the curb. The self-proclaimed "hybrid two-in-one PC gamepad / keyboard" supposedly combines the utility of a full-fledged keyboard with the "ergonomics and space saving design of a gamepad." No matter how you slice it, this thing certainly won't please everyone, but hopefully we'll have a price to pass along in the not-too-distant future for those already gearing up for battle.

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