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Plantronics EOLs VolumeLogic but offers fix for Leopard


I've spoken before of my love for the Octiv/Plantronics Volume Logic audio optimizer plugin for iTunes, which makes your laptop speakers sound like a much bigger system, but when I fired up iTunes under 10.5, unsurprisingly, VL wouldn't work or find its registration info. OK, no problem, surf over to for an update and... agh! The plugin has been end-of-life'd and Plantronics will produce no more updates. What to do, what to do... time to check out iWOW I suppose -- but what's this?

Credited to VL's 'loyal Mac fans,' an update installer and slighly funky Terminal instructions are available to make VL happy under Leopard, at least for now. Undoubtedly a future iTunes or OS upgrade will break the plugin once and for all, and on that day I will mourn for a moment the departure of VL from my Mac... and then I'll move on.

Update: Note Zach's comment below -- this fix is unsupported and is at your own risk. Per Ronnie's note, a more thorough review of the resolutions is here.

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