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Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending November 11th, 2007

Ben Drawbaugh

The comedies strike back this week, as two Universal HD DVD exclusives help the red camp regain a little lost ground, according to this weeks Nielsen VideoScan numbers, courtesy of Home Media Magazine. Disney's Rat and Cars wasn't enough to outsell HD DVD 70/30 again this week, as the number slips to 65/35 (1.86:1). Judging by the fact that Transformers held on strong by staying in the top four for so many weeks and there were three HD DVD titles in the top ten compared to last week's one, it's probably safe to assume that all those extra HD DVD players that hit the streets recently are helping out. With the influx of HD movies players for both sides in the past few weeks, and the release of one of the biggest neutral titles since 300, next week should be an interesting week.

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