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    Dell XPS One reviewed


    PC Mag has reviewed the Dell XPS One, the machine which we originally revealed on these here pages. The unit they got their hands on was the top-end $2,399 model -- what, you think Dell would risk lumping 'em with the budget range? -- and the overall impression was very good if you limit yourself to the praise of the PC's numerous features. A built-in HDTV tuner with remote, Blu-ray, and 802.11n round out the 2.33GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB of RAM, and 500GB HDD. The reviewer also thought that the design was a strong aspect of the XPS One, matching the iMac for aesthetics and minimalism. From there it's downhill: the Radeon 2400 HD graphics card is crap for gaming, and the unit as a whole isn't price competitive thanks to the 20-inch 1680x1050 screen. Will you wait for the 24-inch model?

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