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Niveus intros "Pro Audio" card for audiophiles

Steven Kim

Niveus Media has announced its high-end media server updates for the 2008 model year. Like you'd expect from computer-based hardware, there are the requisite refreshes of components (processor, hard drive, video card, etc.). But a major new feature is the inclusion of a "Pro Audio" soundcard in their Pro Series (n7 and n9) and Summit Series (Denali and Denali Limited Edition) rigs. The new soundcard handles 7.1 channels with its Burr-Brown DACs and boasts a whopping 118dB SNR. For the bitheads out there, that's way more than the theoretical 96dB provided by CD audio, and a full 20-bits of resolution. Pro Audio is available now; pricing of these high-end systems starts at $5k for the Pro Series and $8k for the Summit boxes. Pricey, but we'll go on dreaming.

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