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Baron Soosdon: "I will make a plot-line movie someday"

Mike Schramm

SugarChick at Warcraft Chicks had a nice chat with Baron Soosdon, the machinimaker (did I just make that term up?) who's put together such machinima classics as Sin City Azeroth and I'm So Sick. He talks about the best way to view his films (by downloading-- YouTube, while easy, just doesn't have the quality he calls for), where his name came from (a guild inside joke about his character's name and a Baron Geddon raid), and the way he puts his films together.

He says that he's gotten a little bit of flak for not having a lot of traditional plots or scripts-- his Unlimited Escapism series, he says, will never have a plot to it, and he likes it that way. He also says, however, that he does plan to make a "plot-line movie" at some point, but he wants it to be extremely high quality, both in terms of filmmaking, writing, and voice actors. Soosdon's stuff is terrific even as disjointed as it is, but a more traditional plot-based film from him would definitely be interesting to see.

But he says he's not giving up on the freeform stuff, and thank goodness for that. The Baron's definitely a one-of-a-kind machinimaker (there's that made-up word again), and it's cool to hear directly from the man himself.

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