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Beowulf contest winners announced

Amanda Miller

The names of the winners of the Beowulf photojournalism contest have just been announced, and there are some very interesting compilations posted. Personally I enjoyed the simplicity and drama in Gank Frank, but the others definitely have a more developed storyline. I also clicked with the atmosphere created in Milr's piece, and found that it really drove me to continue through.

The contest was cooked up as a joint venture between Blizzard, Robert Zemeckis and Paramount Pictures. The challenge was to creatively arrange your screenshots into a story, and the prize is a year's subscription to WoW. Congratulations to; Fenrix, Mikomi, Anderson, Milr, and Moonasha.

If you're feeling sad because you weren't able to participate, never fear. Just check out the latest WoW comic contest honorable mentions, submitted by Kiah. The cutie pie oomkin is guaranteed to make you smile!

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