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Sanyo's LVT-WD40 waterproof portable TV


For a couple seconds there we couldn't quite figure out what we'd do with a waterproof portable TV to call our very own, since jogging through the rain while watching our favorite shows on 1seg seems a little bit melodramatic, but Sanyo says its aiming this LVT-WD40 thing at bathroom and kitchen usage, which makes a bit more sense. Features are pretty standard, the 4-inch LCD sports a 480 x 272 resolution, and Sanyo claims about six hours of battery life. Unfortunately, while the player can be used anywhere -- including being fully submerged in a bathtub -- its media capabilities seems to be more limited, since there's no media compatibility to speak of beyond the standard 1seg TV access. This one's selling on the 21st in Japan for 50,000 yen ($453 US).

[Via Impress Watch]

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