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Working Bug Labs hardware hands-on

Evan Blass

As a publication whose bread and butter is handheld gadgets, we're obviously more than a little excited about Bug Labs' upcoming LEGO-style DIY electronics kit, which allows users to affix various modules to a small, open-source computer and create such magical products as a GPS-enabled digital camera with built in 3G modem and motion detector. While we've seen the hardware before -- including the BUGbase and current BUGmodules -- founder and CEO Peter Semmelhack invited us over today to check out some of the very first working applications, including the Linux-based PIM software you see running in the photos. Apparently we can expect pricing details shortly, as well as a demo of the final system in action, all leading up to an official launch before the end of the year. Check out the gallery below for even more hands-on action...

Gallery: First shots of working Bug Labs hardware | 23 Photos

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